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Dr. Daniel Jackson, PhD's Journal

Below are the 5 most recent journal entries.


  2003.07.01  20.18

Finally. I just got word from my doctor that another week and I'll be allowed back on duty. No matter how good friends Jack and I are, I have got to be driving him up the walls more often than not. Especially with him taking care of me. Well, taking care might be a bit much. He's just making sure I'm not doing anything that might set back my recuperation.

It's good that Dr. Fraiser doesn't know what that means. I think she expects him to be a good little Colonel and report whenever I'm doing something she would disapprove of, but that's now how it works. See, Jack knows I'll go crazy if I have to sit around and do nothing all day, so he kindly turns the blind side most of the time. Except when it comes to eating and sleeping. It's like a cycle. Sometimes I think his mother hen routine is a bit much. I mean, I don't normally like breakfast. Just give me a cup of coffee and I'll be fine. Problem is that Jack doesn't see things that way.

Not that Jack is a huge health fanatic. Couldn't be farther from the truth. He eats candy and God knows what else and STILL manages to push down at least three meals a day. Makes you wonder where it all goes, doesn't it. It's not like he's anything if not lean. Not that I've noticed... not that way. But he's pretty fit for a man his age.

One can say many a thing about Jack, but he knows me better than most people. Today he managed to sneak out a few translation jobs from work. That at least should keep me occupied for a day or two. It also means the man has more courage than anyone else. Trying to sneak work home with him without Dr. Fraiser noticing. Must be the military training, because he managed without getting caught.

Mood: crazy

  2003.06.13  22.01

It's been a while since I've had time to put anything in here. It's been a hectic few weeks at work to tell the truth. I didn't even have time to go home from my friend's place where I was staying over before we were called into work for an emergency.

Probably just as well. Jack, my friend, has been acting weird lately and even though I don't know the cause of it, it somehow has something to do with me.

On another note, though related in a way, I'm off work for some two weeks. I had a little... accident at work, a minor injury. I'm now stuck at home, well, not at my home, because noooo, Dr. Jackson has stairs and even though he's 37 years old, he can't be trsted to take care of himself. So I'm stuck at Jack's place, with occasonal visits from Sam, Murray and Dr. Fraiser. And Jack's guilt-ridden mother hen routine is getting old.

At least after days of nagging, they've allowed me to have my laptop for light work. Without it I'd be going slowly mad. At least taking care of me ensures that Jack gets home from work at reasonable hours. Let's face it, we're both married to our work.

As annoyed as I am with Jack's strange behavior, I love it when he forgets himself and simply slumps on the short couch, doing his running commentary of whatever we're watching on TV. I have years of practice when it comes to ignoring the words, but the drone of his voice and slightly rude sense of humor is one of the few things that can put me at ease.

Speaking of ease. I wish I had a digital camera to show him to you right now. He's managed to fall asleep on the couch. He's gonna be grumpy when he wakes considering his back will hurt like hell. Though the display is rather... sweet.

Oh well, off I go, back to my translations. I may as well use the time while Jack's 'out'. I know I won't have much peace when he wakes up.

Mood: hungry

  2003.05.24  15.24
How a night of male bonding goes completly wrong...

Well, it started out rather nicely, last night, it did, no doubt about it. Well, you know, apart from the fact that it included three things I do no like (beer, pizza and ice hockey).

My friend and I just did the usual, occupying either end of the couch. And I still don't understand how I ended up with the hang over of hang overs, because I should know better than to drink so much beer. Any other kind of liquor, no problem, beer? Like my friend says, I'm a cheap date.

Anyway, I think the night was pretty much like always, as I usually just zone out, do translations in my head, wonder what we might see the next time we go to work (I know it sounds odd, but I can't really go into details about work.).

The really odd thing, though, is that I must have blacked out sometime during the night, because I woke up in my friend's guest room. Not that it's the first time (and no, I don't generally get drunk and pass out, thank you very much). As overprotective my friend tends to be, he'd never let me drive home by myself. Actually, I find it a bit disturbing that I don't remember changing into the PJs I woke up in. Well, I must've, unless he stripped me and put me in them (a rather ridiculous notion, you know).

However, as I said, it was a rather odd thing to wake up this morning. And I should probably go see a shrink (if I thought it might help...) but he asked if I wanted to get together again tonight... with some of our friends from work. I need a head check, I actually said yes.

Mood: hungry

  2003.05.23  23.08
Friday Night...

And here I thought I was going to have a nice quiet night at home, maybe read a little fiction, but no, I just had to say yes to another Friday night with a friend. I wonder why on Earth I keep saying yes? I don't LIKE beer and pizza, and ice hockey's just... *aargh*

::sighs deeply::
I may as well get going or he'll drive all the way over here to figure out what's keeping me. With my luck, I'm sure he'll think I've been kidnapped or something and he'll break down the door before I can even open it.

Did I mention I hate beer, pizza and hockey?

Mood: aggravated

  2003.05.23  22.32
Makes you wonder why I'm doing this

It's been a while since I got this online journal (yeah, yeah, I prefer good old fashioned pen and paper), but I haven't really had any chance to write in it, on it, eh... (it's hard to get a good reception for the laptop when you're light years from home).

I've been going through some of my older personal journals (the previously mentioned ones made of paper...) and I thought it might be a nice thing to try and summon up a few things that have more or less dictated my life for the past few years. Not the mission work related things, can't tell you about those, to quote a ...friend of mine, 'I'd have to kill anyone who read it'.

But, I'm not going to mention this... friend of mine, because, you know, it's my life, not his I'm going to be putting into this journal. Besides, I'm not going to go out of my way looking for trouble. No reason to do so.